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Features :

Consumer can order meal using :

  1. website
  2. mobile app
  3. Facebook app
  4. Walk-in
  5. Phone Call
  6. Search Restaurants
  7. Search Dishes
  8. Search Dishes/Restaurants in your vicinity
  9. Be a food expert, give your review on every menu item or any restaurant
  10. Realize your value (your every click n your every word matters now)
  11. Single profile on all places
  12. Track your order conveniently
  13. Maintain your order history
  14. Loyalty program
  15. Eat as per your mood n budget

Jump start on 0 investment :

  1. Have your own mobile app on 0 upfront cost
  2. Have your website on 0 investment
  3. Have your own facebook app 0 investment
  4. Have a centralize call center for order taking
  5. Have POS linked with your mobile app/website/facebook app and to your call center
  6. Greet your customer by his name on reaching you

Marketing Benefits :

  1. marketing agency
  2. Cost visibility
  3. Facebook promotion
  4. Mobileapp
  5. Advertise your deal on every incoming call to your restaurant?
  6. Your every click is important and will be advertise virally !!
  7. Every Menu item will be published & advertised
  8. Each and every order will be noticed, viewed, liked or reviewed and commented !!!
  9. Your restaurant every activity will be publicized
  10. Voice blasting

Bussiness Intelligence : 

  1. Want to know your complete insight of your sales?
  2. Want to know what your customer orders on which day of the week on which time of the day?
  3. Want to know what age group of your customer like which food?
  4. Which deal of your week/day/month get most popular?
  5. Want to have strength to take real time critical decision to boost your sale?
  6. Demographic bases detailed reporting