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As the world is getting digitized, it brings the improvisation in every technology which brings up the ease in business. Scalability and mobility are the key factors of technology improvisation and simultaneously reducing the cost to a huge level and making it accessible for the SME’s.
Lead Attendant is making use of technology improvisation in communication industry specifically in telephony and providing IPPBX with the features dreamed by any organization at a very low cost. Lead Attendant not only providing IP PBX to the companies but coupling it with their business tightly to make the best and effective use of their communication with their vendors and customers.

1- IP PBX Features

a. Auto Attendant
b. Inbound Calls
c. Outbound Calls
d. ACD
e. Real Time CDR
f. Call Recordings
g. Voice Mails
h. Live Calls Monitoring
i. IVR
j. Auto Dialer
k. Conference Room
l. Call Back
m. Call Park
n. Blind Transfer
o. Attendant Transfer
p. Call Waiting
q. Music on Hold
r. Video Call Support

2- IP PBX Web Features

a. Extensions Management
b. Black List
c. Call monitoring
d. CDR
e. FOP
f. Call Recording Download
g. Call Routing
i. Call Forwarding
ii. Time Group
iii. Night Mode
iv. Follow Me
h. Marketing Campaign Management


Find ur Meal is a city based food directory starting from Lahore and Dubai. It’s a platform from where you can find ur meal according to your mood, budget and location J. “Find ur Meal” guides you what you can eat at a particular vicinity in your budget and according to your mood. Moreover this app is providing an excellent platform for customers to socialize their meals, every order will be automatically placed on  Facebook wall  .Your likes,  dislikes and  reviews will be posted on  walls as well which makes Find ur Meal a perfect social platform for you. It  provide you a leisure to explore food directory within Facebook, through our Facebook App and also provide a  platform to order from  Mobile App while on the go or using our website.

Highlights of Find ur Meal services are:

  1. Search meal by name
  2. Search meal in Restaurant
  3. Search meal at your location
  4. Build your favorite menu
  5. Become food expert
  6. Single profile on all platform
  7. Track your order conveniently
  8. Track of Order History

žConsumer can order meal using

  • —website findurmeal.com
  • —mobile app
  • —Facebook app
  • —Walk-in
  • —Phone Call
  • —Search Restaurants
  • —Search Dishes
  • —Search Dishes/Restaurants in your vicinity
  • žBe a food expert, give your review on every menu item or any restaurant
  • žRealize your value (your every click n your every word matters now)žSingle profile on all places

    žTrack your order conveniently

    žMaintain your order history

    žLoyalty program

    žEat as per your mood n budget

Jump start on 0 investment :

  • žHave your own mobile app on 0 upfront cost
  • žHave your website on 0 investment
  • žHave your own facebook app 0 investment
  • žHave a centralize call center for order taking
  • žHave POS linked with your mobile app/website/facebook app and to your call center
  • žGreet your customer by his name on reaching you

Marketing Benefits :

žYour Free:

  • —marketing agency
  • —Cost visibility
  • —Facebook promotion
  • —Mobileapp
  • žAdvertise your deal on every incoming call to your restaurant?
  • žYour every click is important and will be advertise virally !!
  • žEvery Menu item will be published & advertised
  • žEach and every order will be noticed, viewed, liked or reviewed and commented !!!
  • žYour restaurant every activity will be publicized
  • žVoice blasting

Bussiness Intelligence : 

  • žWant to know your complete insight of your sales?
  • žWant to know what your customer orders on which day of the week on which time of the day?
  • žWan to know what age group of your customer like which food?
  • žWhich deal of your week/day/month get most popular?
  • žWant to have strength to take real time critical decision to boost your sale?
  • žDemographic bases detailed reporting

Fidurmeal Details

  • Name : findurmeal


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E-Payslip system is designed specially for the companies specially present in UAE where payslip is an important document for their employees.

E-Payslip system imports the payroll/salary details of each employee and generate the respective payslips for the employees which they can view from anywhere in the world using their login credentials.

Following are the main features of the system.

1- Employee management.
2- User management
3- Payroll import
4- Payroll view for admin
5- Payroll view for employee
6- Payroll notification to employees
7- Payroll month management
8- Profile management