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Call Center Solution

Customer Care is getting competitive with every passing day, it is becoming inevitable to provide best services to your customer and use of Omnichannel for sales and customer service is becoming essential for the business. Active telephone lines are becoming the lifeline of the business with every passing day and to have the best use, business should have a comprehensive call center solution.
Tech Bridge Consultancy is providing cutting edge Call Center Solution under the banner of Lead Attendant VOIP Product Suite. Lead Attendant is not only a call center solution but it has a capability to easily couple with your software applications to provide the best use of your call center solution.
Following are the top features of our Call Center Solution

1- Call Center – Telephony Features

a. Inbound Calls
b. Outbound Calls
c. Automatic Call Distribution
d. Real Time Call Data Record
e. Call Recordings
f. Voice Mails
g. Call Forwarding
h. Wall Board
i. Super Agent Panel
j. Live Call Monitoring
k. Call Whispering
l. Three Way Conference
m. IVR
n. Auto Dialer
o. Time Group

2- Call Center – Web Portal

a. Agent Management
b. Leads Management
c. CTI Popup
d. Auto Dialer
e. IVR Campaign
f. Call Backs
g. Campaign Management
h. Sales Rep Management
i. Reports